Monday, May 11, 2009

Wildfire Awareness Week

May 3-9 was wildfire awareness week in Oregon. The week reminds us to follow several rules in handling fire outdoors any place and any time:
  • Call your local fire department before you burn. In Hillsboro, call 503-681-6204.
  • Burn only backyard debris.
  • If you are using a burn barrel, cover it with a 1/4-inch mesh screen.
  • Keep burn barrels away from overhanging structures, trees or vehicles.
  • Keep piles small. Add debris to the small pile as it burns down.
  • Make sure your fire is out! Dead out! Drown, stir, drown.

What makes Oregon and Hillsboro beautiful are the great trees and beautiful greenery. That's what also makes us at risk for an urban interface fire. Use caution whenever you use fire!

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