Thursday, May 14, 2009

Juvenile Fire Setting

In the past six weeks, our Public Education staff have provided specialized education for several area youth who have misused fire. Some were referred by parents who caught their children playing with matches. Others were required to see us as a result of a referral by the Washington County Juvenile Department.

Our fire department particpates in a Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Network that can help youth who have an unhealthy fascination with fire. A confidential screening at the fire station and an hour of education here may be all that is needed. For other children who may have additional decision-making problems, we refer them to a wonderful program provided by the Fire Safe Families and Children organization. These age-appropriate classes run one night a week for six or eight weeks and help youth learn good life skills as well as how to be fire-safe at home.

Contact the Public Education staff at Hillsboro Fire Department, 503-681-6166, if you have questions about youths you know to be misusing fire.

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