Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Car Crash Drills

One of the most common type of calls at a Hillsboro Fire Department is a motor vehicle accident (MVA). While they are frequent, the variety of positions in which cars come to rest and the need to quickly extricate occupants requires regular training to ensure all is done safely.

Hillsboro Firefighters this week are drilling on stabilizing cars found on their side, accessing the patients by removing the vehicle roof, and immobilizing the patient to protect the spine from further injury. Firefighters are using wrecked cars provided generously by Hillsboro Towing to practice on.

The drills include using stabilizing jacks, chock blocks, and other means to keep the cars from rolling over and injuring firefighters. They then use power tools, including hydraulic cutters often referred to as "The Jaws of Life," along with common electric Saws All to cut the side posts and remove the roof of the car. This allows access to the patient.

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