Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sober Grad Night Demo – Glenco High School

Hillsboro Fire Department supported the Sober Grad Night assembly and presentation by Hillsboro Police on Thursday, May 13, 2010. The officers made their plea to Glencoe High School seniors to avoid drinking or taking drugs before or while driving in an effort to reduce student accidents and fatalities on graduation and prom nights. Following the assembly, students went outside to watch Hillsboro Firefighters simulate a rescue from a wrecked car.

Firefighters staffing Engine-1 and Rescue-1 used all of their hydraulic, electric and hand tools to remove the doors and the roof of the car. The process is often necessary in order to make access to injured occupants of the car and to safely remove them from the vehicle without causing further injuries. Wrecked vehicles are frequently found upside down, on their sides, on top of each other, wrapped around a tree/power pole or in ravines. The demonstration will hopefully reach any student who may consider consuming anything that might impair their driving during the final days of their high school education.

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