Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SKID - Stop Kids Intoxicated Driving

Hillsboro Fire and Rescue, along with other public and private agencies in the area, took part in another live action melodrama called SKID or Stop Kids Intoxicated Driving. The scene is a prom night with graduating seniors attending a party. Several have consumed alcoholic drinks and the result is a head-on collision resulting in one youth killed and two others sent to hospitals in critical condition.

Hillsboro Firefighters, Hillsboro Police, Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies, Life Flight, Metro West Ambulance, Entercom, Springer and Sons Mortuary and other agencies, along with student actors and local parents, devoted several hours of time to stage the event for Century High School students.
The drama, complete with audio from grieving parents, the arresting officer’s conversation with the driver, the coroner’s discussion and other sound effects, seemed to leave an impression on the students. To date, SKID has been performed before 83,000 students.

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