Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wildland Water Operations

Wildland firefighting differs in many ways, but the most obvious is that rural areas often don't have water hydrants to provide firefighters with ample water. As a result, they must shuttle water in with water tenders from the nearest hydrant; draft water from ponds, rivers, lakes or swimming pools; or a combination of both.

Hillsboro Firefighters this week worked on the second phase of their refresher for fighting wildland fires--providing an adequate water supply. They drilled at the Washington County Fairgrounds on shuttling water to a location, nursing a pumper from a water tender, and drafting from a portable water tank. In addition, they practiced using a floating pump designed to pump from a pool, pond or river into small diameter hose lines for fire attack.

You can help firefighters defend your home in the event of a wildfire in the wildland urban interface. On flat land, clear brush and dried vegetation at least 30-feet from your home. On a slope, you should clear the downhill side at least 100 feet. Additionally, remove overhanging tree branches from around your home. For more on wildland fire preparations, visit

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