Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Keep it Legal and Safe on the 4th!

As you plan your 4th of July Holiday, remember that Oregon law restricts the type of fireworks that are legal to possess and use. Illegal fireworks are those that fly, explode or shoot projectiles. They include but are not limited to M-80s, cherry bombs, bottle rockets, Roman cancles and firecrackers. Legal fireworks are descirbed as snakes, sparklers, fountains and spinning ground wheels.

Parents, there are three things you should be aware of at this time of year:
1. Adults should be the only ones handling fireworks. What your child does with fireworks can financially impact you! If another person is injured or property damage occurs, you can be held financially liable for damages. Your homeowners insurance may not provide coverage if you or your children knowingly used illegal fireworks that result in personal injury or property damage.

2. You face the loss of the illegal fireworks through confication if you are caught by law enforcement offciers using illegal fireworks. Additionally, you face a fine of up to $500 for use and/or possession of illegal fireworks. Fireworks that have been modified or homemade come under the classification of "manufacture of an explosive device" and you can be charged with a felony for doing so.

3. And finally, from a role model perspective, participating in or condoning your children's use of illegal fireworks sends a message to the young that it is okay to select which laws are okay to break.

Please be a good role model this year. Have a safe holiday and enjoy only Oregon legal fireworks! For national statistics on fireworks injuries and more, visit:
The FEMA website on Fireworks.

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