Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Glencoe High SKID Program

The 1600 students and teachers of Glencoe High School packed their football field stands for a special presentation by public safety agencies. The program is designed to keep teens alive through the prom season. Dubbed SKID, which stands for Stop Kids Intoxicated Driving, portrays a fatal, two car accident that follows several teenagers' involvement with the use of alcohol.

The scenes are graphic. They are intended to convey the tragedy of such an incident and leave a lasting impression. Firefighters from Hillsboro Fire and Rescue, along with officers from Hillsboro Police and Washington County Sheriff’s Office, teamed up with Metro West Ambulance, Life Flight, the Washington County Medical Examiner’s office and Fuiten, Rose and Hoyt Funeral Home to make the dramatization complete.

From the looks on students’ faces afterwards, the event had an impact. We are always hopeful that the prom season will pass without a tragic incident.

From the Washington County Sheriff’s Office web site: Since its creation in 1998, under the leadership of Retired Deputy Tim Moore, an average of six to nine SKID events have been staged each year on Washington County high school campuses. This has allowed approximately 82,000 students to participate in the SKID Program. During this same time period, a review of available data has found that there were seven alcohol-related traffic crashes in Washington County involving teen drivers. Of these, two led to traffic fatalities. Although any number of traffic crashes involving young people is unacceptable, the SKID Program has been effective in reinforcing the message that underage drinking puts young people in dangerous situations and can bring on disastrous and fatal consequences.

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