Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Injury Prevention

Hillsboro Firefighters are learning a new way to work out this week. They’re using Kettle Bells. If you haven’t heard of this new trend in free weight workouts, you’re not alone. Kettle Bells are essentially a canon ball-shaped weight with a loop handle on top and rubber base. They come in 26, 35, 44 and 96 pound weights.

The workout process is based on a series of short, but intense, series of exercises of swinging and lifting these weights. The experience is designed to help workout nearly all muscle groups in the body. Correct posture and technique ensure maximum benefit while minimizing undue stress on joints.

HFD has purchased a set of Kettle Bells and enlisted local trainers to provide basic technique education for all firefighters. The Kettle Bells will be placed at each station in the workout rooms provided under HFD’s Health and Wellness program. Firefighters are often injured on the job when lifting equipment or dealing with rescues at odd angles and postures. This addition to the firefighter’s exercise regimen will hopefully reduce those on-the-job injuries.

For more information on Kettle Bells, visit Wikipedia.

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