Thursday, February 4, 2010

Confined Space Drill - Underground Rescues

When utility workers or contractors have to work underground in tunnels, drains, tanks and vaults, they often encounter trapped gasses that may be reside in the container or naturally occuring in the earth. Hydrogen Sulfide is one of those gases along with carbon monoxide and others that can disable or kill workers who don't have supplied air systems.

When someone is injured or falls ill due to toxic fumes, firefighters must safely enter the same space and rescue or recover the patients. The firefighters must don either self contained breathing apparatus or use a supplied air line to the surface. They must operate in water, mud, and worse in very cramped spaces to rescue the patients.

This week Hillsboro Fire and Rescue conducted confined space drills at the Confined Space prop located at Fire Station #3. Firefighters must maintain their competencies in these skills each year. They must also practice using the specialized tools that may be necessary for such incidents as a builiding collapse as a result of an earthquake.

If you have questions regarding Hillsboro Fire and Rescue's Technical Rescue capabilities, call 503-681-6166.

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