Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thermal Imaging Camera Drills


Thermal imaging cameras (TICs) have been around for years and have been a valuable tool for firefighters. Some are helmet-mounted. Most are hand-held devices that measure the differences in temperature of objects in its viewing path. TICs help firefighters see through dark, smoky rooms to find the seat of the fire that is often hidden by the smoke, and most importantly, find victims or injured firefighters who may only have only minutes to live.

All firefighters have been taught the basics of how to use Thermal Imaging Cameras. Hillsboro Fire & Rescue crews are undergoing advanced training on how to better use this tool in the early stages of the fire, particularly during fire attack. It is another way in which HFD continues to improve on existing skills and provide faster and better service to our citizens.

This week's drill is being conducted at a home that is slated for demolition later this fall. The home may be used in a few months for a live fire drill. If so, we'll be sure to bring you photos of that drill here on this blog.

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