Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aircraft Firefighting and Rescue

Since Hillsboro has a terrific asset in the form of a general aviation airport, Hillsboro Fire and Rescue is tasked with responding to aircraft incidents both on and off of the Port of Portland-Hillsboro Airport property. The Port has dedicated firefighters and equipment only at PDX. Our firefighters must be prepared for fires and rescue situations at the airport buildings and all types of emergencies from medical events aboard aircraft, fighting aircraft fires and rescuing crash patients.

This week, Hillsboro Firefighters are undergoing aircraft fire and rescue procedure refresher training for corporate aircraft. Global Aviation and the Port of Portland Fire Department teamed up to provide this training. Captain Chris Bryant of the Port's Fire Department provided a firefighter's perspective on approaching and dealing with aircraft in emergency situations. Global Aviation's Vice President and Director of Maintenance, Brian Lockhart, gave technical information regarding the vulnerabilities and hazards of corporate jet aircraft. The goal is to save lives and preserve property at aircraft incidents. Our thanks go to both Global and the Port for their assistance in this training.

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